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Step into our adult reality where we engage pop culture icons with uninhibited porn stars in revealing conversations, but we warn you - DISCRETION ADVISED.  Every other Tuesday, the dirty minds behind Falcon | NakedSword bring you award-winning gay porn director Marc MacNamara and reality TV producer John Hill as they finger the pulse of pop culture. Listen while these industry insiders pull back the curtain to expose the truth behind reality television and gay porn with their honest opinions, graphic descriptions, and silly games guaranteed to keep you edging for more! Don’t say we didn’t warn you - DISCRETION ADVISED.

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Marry F Kill (w/ Countess Luann de Lesseps & Sumner Blayne)

Marc MacNamara and John Hill are reuniting to talk all about the Pineapple Pride Cabaret, John’s unexpected threesome experience, and some surprising Grindr stats. Marc then goes solo and welcomes on the queen of cabaret Countess Luann de Lesseps (REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK) and gay porn star Sumner Blayne (NakedSword’s IN CONTROL and BRED…

Summer Lovin’ (w/ Emily Morse & Reese Rideout)

Marc MacNamara has officially escaped New York City and is ready to team up with John Hill for an all-new edition of DISCRETION ADVISED. After discussing John’s underwear party experience on Fire Island and Marc’s recent kiki with RHOP’s Monique Samuels, these two are ready to dish about everything from celibacy to Jennifer Lopez. Next,…

Toxic Tricks (w/ Big Dipper, Meatball, & Heath Halo)

We’re back with a new episode of DISCRETION ADVISED! After giving you a special listen to John Hill’s new song CHURCH ON SUNDAY, John and fellow host Marc MacNamara are getting toxic as they list off their own toxic traits and share the toxic experience that had Marc literally throwing up in the gym. Next,…

Special Access: Let’s Talk About Sex (w/ Marc MacNamara & Diego Sans)

As a special treat to our fans, we’re giving you full access to one of our favorite installments of DISCRETION ADVISED: UNCUT – our official spin-off podcast that’s available exclusively on Patreon.com/DiscAdPod with new episodes dropping every Monday. In this episode, hosts Marc MacNamara and Diego Sans are talking all about the birds, the bees,…