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Step into our adult reality where we engage pop culture icons with uninhibited porn stars in revealing conversations, but we warn you - DISCRETION ADVISED.  Every other Tuesday, the dirty minds behind Falcon | NakedSword bring you award-winning gay porn director Marc MacNamara and reality TV producer John Hill as they finger the pulse of pop culture. Listen while these industry insiders pull back the curtain to expose the truth behind reality television and gay porn with their honest opinions, graphic descriptions, and silly games guaranteed to keep you edging for more! Don’t say we didn’t warn you - DISCRETION ADVISED.

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Rapid Fire (w/ Drew Valentino, Colby Melvin, & Johnny Rapid)

It’s time for some epic ‘Rapid’ fire interviews with some of your favorite gay adult stars! First though, Marc MacNamara and John Hill are dishing on TikTok, John’s recent surgery, ‘The Real Friends of WeHo’, Madonna’s axed biopic, ‘Ultimate Girls Trip’ rumors, and that pastor who went to hell. We’re then going through a raging…

I Dream of Queenie (w/ Bianca Del Rio & Ricky Roman)

We’re packing a lot into this episode! Up first, Marc MacNamara and John Hill are catching up, lightly harassing their lovely producer Cameron, revealing some sweepstakes opportunities for Marc’s new movie, and talking about everything from the GayVN Awards to RuPaul’s Drag Race season fifteen, Prince Harry’s royal member, and the new cast of Real…

I Dream of Queenie (w/ Bianca Del Rio & Ricky Roman)

No, you’re not dreaming. We’re actually back with our first episode of the new year and ready to hop into John Hill’s recent experience at Countess Luann’s live Christmas show, Marc MacNamara’s dreamy fun facts, and a new segment where we break some all the latest news from our favorite ladies  – Housewives Hot Takes….

The Tight Lotus (w/ Evan Ross Katz & Liam Hunt)

We’re back in a space that isn’t a booming nightclub and ready to bring you the rest of ‘Discretion Advised’ season two! Up first, hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill are talking John’s ‘Very Countess Christmas’ cameo and people’s annoying texting habits before breaking into a round of Thot Topics. Twitter icon and writer Evan…