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Step into our adult reality where we engage pop culture icons with uninhibited porn stars in revealing conversations, but we warn you - DISCRETION ADVISED.  Every other Tuesday, the dirty minds behind Falcon | NakedSword bring you award-winning gay porn director Marc MacNamara and reality TV producer John Hill as they finger the pulse of pop culture. Listen while these industry insiders pull back the curtain to expose the truth behind reality television and gay porn with their honest opinions, graphic descriptions, and silly games guaranteed to keep you edging for more! Don’t say we didn’t warn you - DISCRETION ADVISED.

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The Trigger The Better (w/ Monique Samuels & Brock Banks)

Well, it finally happened! John Hill and Marc MacNamara have officially exchanged nudes and now they’re coming to the mic to review each other’s Quest Bars. After some phallic conversation, the hosts interrogate producer Cameron about Marc’s Fire Island show, give their thoughts on Taylor Armstrong jumping Real Housewives franchises, and talk about munching on…

Gay’s Anatomy (w/ Tiffany Moon & Greg Riley)

John Hill is in a bad mood, Marc MacNamara is feeling fresh from his recent vacation, and both of these hosts are ready to talk about monkeypox with Dr. Tiffany Moon (The Real Housewives of Dallas) and Greg Riley (New Arrivals). First though, the hosts are opening up with a conversation about a recent celebrity…

Stoners & Boners (w/ Latrice Royale & Christopher Hamblin)

Marc MacNamara is high, John Hill is shirtless, and everyone is ready to talk about weed, marijuana, and the devil’s lettuce with Latrice Royale (RuPaul’s Drag Race) & Christopher Hamblin (All the Queens’ Men)! First though, Marc and John are gabbing about Pride 2022, why Marc is faking his own death, PLAY on Fire Island,…

Scary Love Island (w/ Kelly Killoren Bensimon & Ty Mitchell)

Are you single and ready to mingle? Then let’s get into our latest episode where we’re talking all about dating in the public eye with icons Kelly Killoren Bensimon (Real Housewives of New York) and Ty Mitchell (A Murdered Heart)! Before that though, John Hill and Marc MacNamara are getting into John’s recent hookup, why…