The Disaster Artist (w/ Bianca Del Rio & Diego Sans)

Hosts John Hill and Marc MacNamara are back! For this week’s episode, Marc is giving John a crash course on how he positions his films, John has them fill out a very personal BSDM quiz, and both hosts share their thoughts on And Just Like That, Spencer, and House of Gucci for a scorching round of Thot Topics. They are then joined by Marc’s best friend and ex-boyfriend, comedy icon Bianca Del Rio (RuPaul’s Drag Race, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie) and porn star Diego Sans (Get. Away.), for a real shitty conversation on their biggest personal disasters. The four talk all about destroying an IKEA bathroom, horrifying bedroom accidents, the infamous OnlyFans video between Diego and Drag Race star Milk, that one time Bianca got way too high, Madonna’s acting career, hooking up with fans, and why Bianca vehemently despises Hocus Pocus. After playing a wild round of Bop or Slop with their guests, Marc and John take turns counting off the most outrageous disasters that have ever happened to them during a live show and even take a call from adult actor Paul Canon (Wild Weekend) on what you should do when you have an incredibly public accident in a restaurant.